Grant Goddard archive: music

Started recording local bands around Camberley & Bagshot whilst at school with an Akai 4000DS tape machine, as well as in partnership with classmate (& technical wizard) Jeremy Mitchell (our business card called us ‘Channel One’). Examples from those early days: demo of Omaha Sheriff‘s ‘Quiet Please’ made in my living room; first demos of The Members made at The Langham studios in London. And later I recorded or produced or released or licensed or promoted all sorts of music …

Women’s Media Centre, Phnom Penh: 2004

  • Produced music jingle/promo package for ‘FM 102’ radio station’s new youth phone-in show

High Park Records, Toronto: 1998-2000

  • HIPA 101: [unreleased album]
  • HIPA 102: Alliance [unreleased album]
  • HIPA 103: Lucius [unreleased album]
  • HIPA 104: Dallas: Dallas [CD album]
  • HIPA 105: Una Bomba: Una Bomba [CD album]
  • HPCD 001: Lucius: Little Barefeet/Smell Of Spring [promo CD single]

KISS FM, London: 1989-1991

  • Mixmag: Technics Present The 1990 MixMag/KISS FM Mastermixes [free compilation CD]
  • Executive produced station’s launch jingle packages with Coldcut & David Arnold

Rough Trade Distribution, London: 1986-1988

  • U.K. Independents: A Sampler of New Music From Britain [free compilation cassette at New Music Seminar 1987, New York]
  • Taffy: I Love My Radio [7-inch/12-inch single: number 6 UK singles chart]
  • Sugarcubes: Life’s Too Good [LP: number 14 UK albums chart]

Globestyle Records, London: 1986-1988

  • ORB 006: Ofra Haza: Yemenite Songs [vinyl album]
  • NST 117: Ofra Haza: Galbi [12-inch single]
  • NS 122: Ofra Haza: Im Nin’Alu [12-inch single]
  • WEA YZ 190: Ofra Haza: Im Nin’Alu [7-inch single: number 15 UK singles chart]

Peterlee Musicians’ Collective, County Durham: 1982-1984

  • PMC 1: State of Emergency: Men Of Action/Do What They Say!/ State of Emergency [7-inch single]