DENMARK: state radio axes DAB radio ‘jukebox’ music channels

Danish state radio, ‘DR’, is cutting the number of DAB channels it broadcasts, many of which are ‘jukebox’ music stations, in order to focus on presenter-led programmes. At the same time, it plans to develop more and better on-demand and mobile content, particularly aimed at young people.

These changes were part of the DR programming strategy for 2011 of ‘quality over quantity’ announced by director general Kenneth Plummer, who said:

“The intention is not to create more, but better and more focused content for the Danish people. This is the recurring theme within our plans for the coming year.

Announcing the policy changes for DAB radio, DR media director Mikael Kamber said:

“We will get to see more ‘real’ content-focused channels on DAB and fewer pure music channels.”

The DR plan is to re-position its DAB radio channels in order to offer genuine public service content aimed at three specific segments of the audience: children, teenagers and the elderly.

One press report said that the number of DR digital radio channels was to be cut from 29 to 10.

The DR digital radio channels collectively had a weekly reach (via DAB and the internet) of 20.1% in 2009, up from 17.1% in 2008. The DR DAB channels attract a 2.5% share of listening in aggregate, low compared to the DR analogue radio channels P4 (46%), P3 (18.3%), P1 (6.9%) and P2 (4.3%). As in the UK, radio listening in Denmark is in slight decline, down by 4 minutes year-on-year to 2 hours 7 minutes per day in 2009.

DAB radio was launched in Denmark by state radio in October 2002, following trials that started in 1995.

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  1. With changes in the past few months, DR currently lists 17 DAB Radio Stations: That includes two Internet-only stations temporarily on DAB: “After Radio 100FM is bankrupt, is temporarily emerged availability for the digital broadcasting network. …in a limited period until the Ministry have made a new commercial offer.”: Many other DR station efforts have come and gone, trying to find successful formats—including Plus (cultural, arts and literature), Litteratur, Sport, Event, Gyldne Genhor (archive drama, comedy and popular music), Erhverv (economic and financial news), Barracuda (for older children), X, and others.

    DR currently lists 35 Netradio stations, including all their DAB stations except Politik: Including the 3 National and News, plus the 10 Regional (FM, non-DAB) stations. And, 9 Internet-only stations: Allegro, Det Elektriske Barometer, Evergreen, Folk, Hip Hop, New Jazz, R&B, Soft, and World.

    The industry promotion association, DAB DK, works to maintain a positive view. Their web site features the 17 DR DAB stations, and leads with the only (remaining) commercial station (and omits their past Press Releases): Following the commercial station link can eventually find a mention of DAB under Frequencies: The several other commercial radio stations that tried DAB have stopped. While Denmark is touted as the other leading DAB success, along with the UK, there are no other DAB stations in Denmark!

    Normal people would not consider DAB to be successful in Denmark—not by any stretch of imagination. There is clearly retrenchment, without public acknowledgment. (Triggered in 2007 by more than 50% cost overruns on the new DR Byen Headquarters:

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